Plans Kenya 2016

Chema Vision Primary school Core program
Food and education Childslife_02_Food_IconChildslife_03_Learn_Icon
Supplies for School furniture Childslife_01_House_Icon
Trip to Nairobi Animal Orphanage Childslife_03_Learn_Icon
Repairs and renovations Childslife_01_House_Icon
KAG Olympic School Core program
School furniture and education Childslife_01_House_IconChildslife_03_Learn_Icon
ChildsLife Live, Learn, Earn HIV-mothers programme Core program
Support to 3 groups in Mukuru (90 Mothers) Childslife_04_Love_Icon
Support to 3 groups in Kibera ( 90 Mothers) Childslife_04_Love_Icon
Spirulina food supplements (180 mothers) Childslife_02_Food_Icon
Expansion of LLE Program to 3 new slums  Childslife_04_Love_Icon
ChildsLife Vocational Centre Kibera Core program
Education for 200 students Childslife_03_Learn_Icon
50 computers for computer labs Childslife_01_House_Icon
Start new courses: Business admin, Community Development, Social Work, IT and ECD Construction of a new Secondary school at KAG Centre

Establishment of Girls Mentorship Program



ChildsLife Olepolos schools Core program
Construct new classrooms at: Elangata, Olumpaluani and Eiti schools Childslife_01_House_Icon
Purchase and supply of School Desks to: Elangata, Olumpaluani and Eiti schools Childslife_01_House_Icon
Purchase of School text books to: Elangata, Olumpaluani and Eiti schools Childslife_03_Learn_Icon
Expansion and construction of 2 new classrooms at Nasira School and Eiti Kisamis
Construction of the Eremit Community dispensary
ChildsLife Makueni Schools Core program
Drilling of Yemulwa Borehole Childslife_01_House_Icon
Installation of new Water Catchment systems to 3 new schools
Extension of green house project to Itumbule and Kathamboni schools
ChildsLife Gatoto Program Core program
Construction of a new meeting hall Childslife_01_House_Icon

Plans Eastern Europe 2016

Plans 2016 Eastern Europe Core program
Support 250 mothers in the First Step in Life program Childslife_01_House_Icon
Support 50 mothers in the Next Step in Life program Childslife_01_House_Icon
Manage 6 AnneNoor after school centers and open 2 new rural centers (if funding permits) Childslife_03_Learn_IconChildslife_01_House_Icon
Provide material goods to 5 schools Childslife_03_Learn_IconChildslife_01_House_Icon
Provide winter food packages and emergency support to 100 families in need Childslife_02_Food_IconChildslife_01_House_Icon
Provide furniture, hygiene products and toys to 5 kindergartens Childslife_01_House_IconChildslife_03_Learn_Icon
Provide medical supplies and equipment to 2 medical facilities Childslife_01_House_IconChildslife_04_Love_Icon
Open 1 ChildsLife field office in rural location Childslife_01_House_Icon

Fundraising, Communications and Policy 2016

  • Launch of the campaign ‘20 years Chances for Children’ as ChildsLife celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2016.
  • Existing donors will be kept up to date, in a method and frequency of their choice, with ChildsLife’s project development and informed of how their donations are spent.
  • New and existing donors will be approached for project support with a particular focus on ‘20 years Chances for Children’.
  • Increase the usage of English language in all published materials to expand ChildsLife markets..
  • Find new national and international business partners and strengthen ties with existing relations.
  • Increase international fundraising, specifically in the UK and the US.
  • Increase partnerships with schools in The Netherlands.
  • Publish (e-)newsletters and regularly update the website be with program news.
  • Launch redesigned website in English, postponed from 2015.
  • Increase followers via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and expand the use of social media by joining other media.
  • Hold the annual international meeting to ensure continuity in strategy and plans for ChildsLife activities internationally with staff from all working regions.
  • Continue to achieve consistency of ChildsLife international strategy and program planning through regular site visits, program evaluations and frequent contact via phone, skype and email with local personnel.

Long range plans 2017-2021

  • Concentrate program support primarily on regions where ChildsLife has its offices.
  • Build up contingency funds in The Netherlands.
  • Increase financial independence of ChildsLife regional offices.
  • Without expanding the gift in kind program, prioritise gift in kind support to existing partners.
  • Increase the use of new technologies such as solar, wind technologies and e-materials at ChildsLife schools and relevant programs.
  • In Africa:
    – Increase emphasis on helping schools and communities to become self-sustaining.
    – Create projects which strengthen women and girls but also continue to invest in boys, particularly in the ages 8-12, to ensure that they continue their education.
    – Continue to further develop economic opportunities for youth
    – Expand the successful Live, Learn, Earn HIV+ mothers program by expanding the number of groups within Nairobi Slums and expand the program to other areas.
  • In Eastern Europe:
    – Focus on the region as a whole and continue support to marginalised families with a specific emphasis on education for children in rural settings
    – Continue to support hospitals and handicapped centres when requested.