2016 – Our 20th anniversary!

In 2016 ChildsLife celebrated its 20th anniversary.  Over the years ChildsLife has listened to people in the countries where we work to provide practical solutions to issues relating to poverty.

While we have remained focused on providing chances for children, we have expanded from the early days of direct feeding support for a child.  Now we include mothers, schools and community into our support.  For it is all those pieces that make up a safe, secure and meaningful impact on a child’s life.

Over the past few years we have created innovative programs to provide lasting impact and long term improvement in the lives of people—especially women and girls.  We are using technology to improve the lives of HIV+ women, to monitor their health, provide nutritional information.  We use technology to train students in the skills they need to meet the demand of future job markets.  We are training people how to harvest water, grow crops and introduce technologies to help them.

There are two primary goals of ChildsLife over the years.  Our focus on the child and our willingness to LISTEN to the people who need help.  It is the combination of listening with innovation that leads to successful programs that help and encourage people in poverty but also ensures that a donors money is well used.

Warm regards,
Patricia Korver-Kicak
CEO and founder