Results Moldova 2016

Moldova, between Romania and Ukraine, became independent from the former Soviet Union in 1991. It is considered one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe and extreme poverty is widespread, specifically in rural areas. The average life expectancy is only 69 years, and almost a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line. While the situation in Moldova has seen some improvement over the years, site evaluations by ChildsLife staff show that most remote rural areas have not yet benefited. Especially children suffer. They often end up in institutions because their parents move abroad to work or cannot afford to take care of them. Therefore, ChildsLife supports kindergartens, schools, medical facilities and other institutions as well as vocational centers to enable youth to develop skills and stimulate local economic growth. ChildsLife works closely with local government offices and the Agency for Child Protection and Social Services. ChildsLife works in 4 districts throughout the country. All ChildsLife projects in Moldova are coordinated via ChildsLife Romania.


Projects in Moldova


In 2016, ChildsLife provided support in 3 districts in Moldova: Magdacesti, Criuleni and Straseni districts. 3 transports with goods were sent and distributed.

ChildsLife improved education provisions and living conditions at institutions by providing furniture, books, toys, food, hygiene- and household products. Goods were sent to schools, kindergartens, health institutions and several community projects. In addition, in 2016 ChildsLife received another large donation of high quality Tommee Tippee drinking cups which were distributed to kindergartens in the Straseni district.  The Tommee Tippee drinking bottles were donated to ChildsLife by the Mayborn Group.

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