Results Romania 2016

Romania, in the southeast of Central Europe, has undergone years of political and economic reforms. Despite the country being granted access to the European Union, many problems still exist today. Extreme poverty, child abandonment, children living on the street and the institutionalization of children remain issues of considerable concern. More than 21% of the 22 million inhabitants lives below the poverty line. Child abandonment is a serious problem in Romania. More than 20.000 children live in orphanages or other institutions. Also, because of limited capacity children in Romania only go to school in the morning or the afternoon. Because there are no affordable options for afterschool care for children of working or single parents, children are at risk of ending up in the streets after school or enter into child labour. To combat these problems ChildsLife designed tailor made programs such as after school care programs and programs tackling child abandonment. In addition ChildsLife has found that every effective way to work in this region is through the distribution of goods, which are specific to local needs and which provide structural help to local institutions and families. ChildsLife has gained valuable experience with project implementation and goods distribution forming the basis for expansion in the wider Eastern European region. Since 2001 ChildsLife has worked closely with local partners in Romania including the Department of Child Protection, local and county councils, schools and hospitals. ChildsLife Romania carries the official accreditation as a provider of social services issued by the Government.

Projects in Romania

In 2016 ChildsLife supported many projects in Romania focusing on women and children and worked closely with local governments and other partners to reach those that need help. In support of the program, ChildsLife sent 3 transports with goods to Romania.

→ AnneNoor Education Centres

Romania lacks afterschool facilities for young children, although children only attend school for a few hours a day. That is why in 2008 ChildsLife opened its first AnneNoor Education Centre for children aged 5–10. Now ChildsLife operates six centres, which open at 12 noon, after children have finished school, and run until 6 PM. The centres offer children a combination of education and recreation. Children have educational and homework support, engage in all sorts of recreational activities and they receive a hot lunch and a snack. The centres are run by qualified teachers. In 2016, 450 children were offered a place in this structured program which is fun, safe but also provides for their educational needs. Furthermore, child labour at the countryside is prevented. But with their children taken care of, parents can work and structurally improve their own economic situation.

ChildsLife AnneNoor Education Centers (6 centers) Achieved in 2016 In Plan 2016? Children reached Core program
Education, food and care
January/ June ‘16 – 204 Children + September/ December ’16 – 246 children
450  Childslife_01_House_IconChildslife_02_Food_IconChildslife_03_Learn_IconChildslife_04_Love_Icon

→ ESSENTIAL Programs

In 2016, ChildsLife rebranded its Romanian Care programs, previously known as First Step- and Next Step in Life. As both programs developed and changed according to local needs, the new names ‘ESSENTIAL Care’, ESSENTIAL Support and ESSENTIAL Medical were adopted.


Child abandonment in hospitals is a vast problem in rural areas in Romania. To counter this problem, the ChildsLife program ESSENTIAL Care, was launched in cooperation with Romanian Child Protection offices and local maternity wards in 2009. In this program women about to give birth in hospital are consulted by a social worker and receive a maternity package. The social worker determines if the mothers require any special attention which means that families in need of social assistance are identified and supported on time. This unique program has proven very successful and has supported over 3000 mothers to date. It was granted a unique award by the mayor of the city of Barlad.


ChildsLife, in cooperation with the Romanian Child Protection office, has developed the ESSENTIAL Support program (formerly known as Next Step in Life program). With this program ChildsLife provides material support to institutions providing social care (such as homeless shelters and centers for handicapped), schools and families in need.

In 2016 ChildsLife supported numerous  kindergartens, schools, hospitals, institutions and families in need with this program. Living conditions in institutions were structurally improved by providing furniture and hygiene products. Educational materials, furniture and toys were sent to kindergartens and schools and are now used on a daily basis. Families in need received much needed food packs, hygiene products, clothing and household supplies.

In total, ChildsLife reached 2,713 people with ESSENTIAL Support in 2016.

ChildsLife ESSENTIAL Support program Achieved in 2016 In Plan 2016? Children reached Core program
Support for institutions, hospitals, school and families in need 2,713  Childslife_01_House_IconChildslife_02_Food_IconChildslife_04_Love_IconChildslife_03_Learn_Icon


Beneficiaries ESSENTIAL Support in 2016

  • Handicapped Center Barlad
  • Elena Farago Center for handicapped teenagers and adults
  • Handicapped Center Husi
  • Elderly Care Center Husi
  • Handicapped Center Risesti
  • Handicapped Center Ghermanesti
  • Elderly Care Center Rinzesti
  • Elderly Care Center Giurcani
  • Elderly Care Center Bogesti
  • Handicapped Center Malaiesti
  • Good Shepherd Bucaresti
  • Social support Center no. 1 and no. 2 VasLui
  • Social support Center no. 1 and no. 2 Barlad
  • Homeless Shelter Barlad
  • School no. 2 and no. 9 Barlad
  • Kindergarten no. 2 and no. 4
  • Art and Music School Barlad

ESSENTIAL Medical Program

The ESSENTIAL Medical Program assists with the provision of medical consultation, counselling, health information, and other services to improve the quality of life for families in need. The program is under development and aims to assist families in need who have difficulties reaching appropriate medical care. In 2016, ChildsLife provided funding for emergency dental treatment. Furthermore, ChildsLife started negotiations with specialists in pre-natal care to be able to provide free ultra sounds and consultations.