Results The Netherlands 2016

ChildsLife supporters

ChildsLife’s goals can only be reached with a large group of loyal supporters. Private donors – young to old; foundations – family to corporate; businesses – small to global; schools and churches; all consciously involved in ChildsLife’s work. ChildsLife is a compact organisation and is therefore able to offer supporters close involvement with the organisation and, more importantly, with beneficiaries. ChildsLife offers short lines between the donor and beneficiary which makes the impact of supporters’ help clearly visible.

→ Donors

To be able to implement life-saving programs worldwide, ChildsLife depends largely on monthly or yearly donations and one time gifts. ChildsLife has an active donor program and in 2016 the focus was on obtaining multiple year donations from new and existing donors and foundations, converting regular donations to direct debit donations and obtaining periodical gifts and legacies.. Website, social media and newsletters are used to inform the general public and to obtain gifts from new donors.

→ Companies

Support from the business world is very important to ChildsLife’s activities. Over the years, ChildsLife has been building relationships with businesses and established a network of loyal supporters from globally-known brands to local businesses. Whether their support is in cash gifts, gifts in kind, via preferred partnerships or cause related marketing, business relations are happy to be actively involved in the work of ChildsLife. As a compact organisation ChildsLife is able to offer short lines between donor and beneficiary which give partners the opportunity to be closely involved with our work and the impact of their support, which most partners appreciate greatly. Also in 2016 ChildsLife added new partners to its network of corporate donors.


American Express
Since 2007 American Express Company has supported ChildsLife through their ‘Good Citizenship Program’. American Express supports ChildsLife in various ways and employees from different departments are involved with ChildsLife’s work. In 2016 ChildsLife received donations through the American Express Membership Reward Program. Furthermore, American Express staff raised money with an in-house auction and by participating in a large running event in The Netherlands. The company also donated goods for ChildsLife projects.



Penske Logistics
ChildsLife has been working with trusted partner Penske Logistics for years. Penske has provided ChildsLife with an intelligent inventory management system for logistics and warehouse operation. Penske’s support ensures that ChildsLife’s inventory is properly stored and tracked both by category and destination. Correct inventory control helps ChildsLife with its logistics, financial overview and keeps track of goods but ultimately it is the children in the programs that benefit most from this unique Penske – ChildsLife partnership.


ChildsLife has enjoyed loyal support of the Imbema Group for over 10 years. The Imbema Group supplies high quality technical products to a wide range of sectors in industry. Imbema has provided ChildsLife with consistent financial contributions to the program.


Cozy Greens
ChildsLife is proud to have been a partner of Cozy Greens since their early beginnings. This dynamic family business produces and sells high quality children’s products on and is 100% dedicated to the happiness of kids and their parents alike; a vision close to ChildsLife’s heart. Charity is important to Cozy Greens and therefore donates 5% of profits to ChildsLife’s projects.




Tuuf’s World is a producer of high quality children’s and baby clothing has been a major donor to ChildsLife for over a decade. Large quantities of new clothing was transported to ChildsLife projects in 2016. In addition, Tuuf’s World donates a percentage of sales of one of Tuuf’s toys directly to ChildsLife.




 → Foundations, schools, churches and volunteers

In 2016, ChildsLife continued to work with a number of national and international foundations for project implementation in target countries. This ensures that projects have a proper funding base and with regular monitoring and evaluation ChildsLife shows the impressive results a project grant can yield.

ChildsLife actively works together with primary, secondary schools and universities in the Netherlands. By giving guest lectures and interactive presentations ChildsLife strives to make development aid part of the curriculum and engages students and teachers in worldwide issues. This motivates them to organize fundraising events and activities for ChildsLife. Also, students are involved fundraising activities by for example organizing collections. ChildsLife would like to thank all those schools who raised funds and helped ChildsLife work in 2016.

Churches also supported ChildsLife’s work by donations and collections. In 2016, ChildsLife worked together with a number of churches and involved the church communities with ChildsLife projects and the ChildsLife mission.

In the day-to-day operations ChildsLife is assisted by volunteers. Volunteers work on individual basis or as part of their company’s social responsibility program and are active in IT, logistics, fundraising and communications departments. Also, some specific fundraising projects (such as the plastic bottle cap recycle project ChildsLife is involved in) is run by volunteers. ChildsLife appreciates their support immensely.

 → Events by supporters

2016 ChildsLife was involved in a number of events, including sports and business events. The different events raised money, generated media attention as well as created awareness with the general public.

Communications with supporters

Clear communication about ChildsLife’s work, plans and results is of vital importance to achieve our goals. That is why ChildsLife communicates with all supporters and stakeholders.

→ Newsletters, annual report and online

In 2016 ChildsLife approached new and existing stakeholders and the general public via numerous project updates, project progress reports and (e-) newsletters in both Dutch and English.

ChildsLife’s annual report is a yearly overview of the program, program results, financial results and plans for the future. The ChildsLife website is another important communications tool where up to date information can be found on the organization, its projects and activities. In 2016 brand new websites in English and Dutch were launched. ChildsLife is increasingly active on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

→ Press and PR

Through press releases ChildsLife informed the general public about ChildsLife’s 20th anniversary, and emphasized other specific campaigns and events. ChildsLife aims to contribute to public awareness and change of attitude towards the situation and environment many children have to grow up in worldwide. In addition to press releases, the backing of the press for sponsored advertising is very important. In 2016 ChildsLife ran a number of fully sponsored advertising campaigns, including 20 years ChildsLife where all donors and supporters were thanked for their loyal support. All adverts are fully sponsored and are featured in regional newspapers on a weekly basis.