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ChildsLife is an international nongovernmental organization with offices in the Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Africa and the USA. ChildsLife offers grassroots support and encourages local ownership and responsibility, all with the emphasis on providing sustainable solutions. ChildsLife builds partnerships that have significant and sustainable impact on the lives of children and communities in need. Focusing on improving food security, health structures, education systems and economic opportunities, ChildsLife works in alliance with other non-governmental organizations, local government offices, businesses, schools and community groups to gather resources, knowledge and experience and ensure the best results possible. Beneficiaries are selected by need assessments, site visits and discussion with local government offices, schools, churches, hospitals and other NGO’s working in-country. ChildsLife uses its skilled local staff, local knowledge and years of experience to identify existing needs and possible solutions.

Patricia Korver-Kicak CEO and founder

Report from Board of Trustees

In accordance with the criteria of the CBF accreditation the ChildsLife operations follow three principles for Management and Supervision, Accountability and Interaction with stakeholders.

→ Management and Supervision

The ChildsLife Board of Directors is responsible for the daily operations, including the development of program and long term strategic plans and is overseen by the Board of Trustees. The chairman of the Board of Directors is also the Director of the organization. The Board of Directors is appointed by the Board of Trustees. Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the Board of Trustees. In order to form a multidisciplinary Board of Trustees ChildsLife aims to have members from different backgrounds and disciplines. The tasks and authorities of the Boards are recorded in the ChildsLife Statutes and Regulations.

→ Accountability

In meetings between the Boards, the general budget, organizational strategy, financial reports and updates on projects and programs are discussed, approved and evaluated to ensure optimal effectivity and efficiency of the expenditure of means (funds). Expansion of support by ChildsLife into additional countries is also discussed and decisions are made about these activities. The ChildsLife Board of Trustees approves the long-term plan and budgets. The organization and finances are audited on a yearly basis by an external accountant.

→ Interaction with stakeholders

The Boards strive to satisfaction amongst all stakeholders through interaction. Interaction with donors, sponsors, companies, foundations, partners, volunteers and staff is of great importance for successful relationships. Contact with beneficiaries as children, parents, caretakers and project teams as well as partner organizations and local government is mainly through the local offices, via reporting and field visits. Donors, sponsors, foundations and companies are being informed regularly via written and face to face reporting, (e)newsletters, reports and website updates as well as in personal briefing. In accordance with the implemented procedure 3 complaints received in 2015 were addressed promptly.

In 2015 the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors met 7 times to discuss project planning and progress, financial reports and budgets.

End of term If extended Title
Mrs. P. Korver-Kicak 2019 2024 Director, Board of Directors
Mrs J.T. Eikmans 2020 2025 Deputy Director, Board of
Directors (non-paid)
Mr. C. Sietsema 2019 2023 Chairman, Board of Trustees
Mr. C.J. Ankersmit 2019 2023 Member, Board of Trustees
Mr. A.H.E. van Essen 2019 2023 Member, Board of Trustees


In 2015 Mr. J.M. Berendsen term on the Board of Directors ended and Mrs J.T. Eikmans was appointed as Board member.

In 2015 Mr. A.R. van Voorden resigned from the Board of Trustees and Mr A.E. van Essen was appointed as Trustees member.

ChildsLife expresses its appreciation to Mr. A.R. van Voorden and Mr. J.M. Berendsen for their long term commitment to ChildsLife’s development.

In 2015 Mr. C. Sietsema and Mr C.J. Ankersmit were reappointed for a period of 4 years and Mr. C. Sietsema was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

→ ChildsLife Kenya and Romania

Offices with local staff in Kenya and Romania ensure a close proximity to the target population and knowledge of local culture and language. ChildsLife works with highly qualified and trusted local staff, who are responsible for overseeing all programs and projects, monitoring budgets and distribution of goods to the beneficiaries. The local staff also officially represents ChildsLife with local governments and non-governmental organizations, and act as community trouble-shooters.


Paul Sugut Director ChildsLife Kenya
→ ChildsLife Romania

ChildsLife Romania is headquartered in Bucharest and works primarily from its regional office in Barlad in the Vaslui district, close to the Moldovan border. ChildsLife Romania has been granted the Counselling and Support for Children and Parents accreditation, a requirement of the Romanian Ministry of Labor, Social and Family Solidarity. The small staff consists of a Director, responsible for the daily operations of ChildsLife Romania, implementation and coordination of the programs, and one part time commodity employee.

ChildsLife also has a field office in Moldova which coordinates the distribution of goods to children’s institutions as part of ChildsLife Delivering Hope program.


Florian Ivan Director ChildsLife Romania
→ ChildsLife Kenya

ChildsLife Kenya is located in the Kilimani neighbourhood of Nairobi and is not far from Kibera slum where many of ChildsLife’s activities take place. Staff consist of a Director, responsible for the daily operations, implementation and coordination of the ChildsLife programs; a Program Coordinator, an Finance manager, communications coordinator and a Kibera field office Coordinator, who works from the ChildsLife field office in Kibera slum.


Zam Obed Live Learn Earn coordinator
Childslife International Structure
→ Quality control

ChildsLife regularly re-assesses its goals and existing partnerships via an ongoing strategic planning process. Each year, ChildsLife staff from program countries meet for a week of strategic planning, discussion, training, and brainstorming. Knowledge of and involvement with one another’s activities is crucial for achieving the ChildsLife mission. While the ChildsLife offices are registered independently our strength is in our ability to work as one team.

→ ChildsLife Program guidelines

Projects are selected only after the ChildsLife guidelines are met and after ChildsLife staff has reviewed and/or visited a potential project. Monitoring and evaluation of progress is done through interviews, reviewing reports from project management, visits to the projects by ChildsLife staff and accurate verification of internal account information from the Guidelines for Expenditures. ChildsLife adheres to the Sphere Projects minimum standards for conduct in humanitarian assistance. ChildsLife Program Guidelines and Procedures state that ChildsLife will assist those who are at risk without discrimination and will invests in programs focused on the most vulnerable groups: women, children, minorities, the disabled, and the very poor.

→ Code of fundraising ethics

ChildsLife adheres to the Fundraising Code of Ethics established by the Association of Fundraising Professionals which guarantees a correct, consistent and honest way of fundraising.

→ Transparency and accreditations

ChildsLife activities are open and accessible to scrutiny by its supporters. ChildsLife issues an annual report, describing the organization’s purpose, financial statement, goals, program activities, etc. Since its foundation ChildsLife finances are reviewed by official auditors annually.


Logo CBF

→ CBF accreditation

ChildsLife has accredited by regulator CBF, which ensures a responsible expenditure of gifts and donations, since 2001. CBF is the Dutch non-profit regulator posing strict rules for (financial) accountability.



→ 501C3

ChildsLife has been registered as a 501c3 tax exempt organization in the United States since 2008. Charitable gifts to ChildsLife are therefore deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.


→ ANBI status

ChildsLife The Netherlands is a registered non-profit (ANBI status) with the Dutch tax office, ensuring maximum tax benefits for the organization and donors.

→ Policies

ChildsLife has created its own International Fundamental Principles stating, amongst other issues that it does not discriminate as to nationality, race, religious beliefs or class status. ChildsLife promotes gender equality in supported programs and in staff at headquarters as well as in the field.